Find Your Way Home

by Rob Geer

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released January 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Rob Geer Cleveland, Ohio

Geer is poetic. His lyrics are vivid, almost tangible. The inclination to write about sordid human endeavors in songs like "Human Nature" and "Assassin" is distinctive of his creative aesthetic.

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Track Name: Under Devil's Skin
Was it that dream that startled you from a silent sleep? What made you pack your bags and leave?
So I'll say farewell to the lover I loved most, she bought a place a little farther from me, and the coast

Take me far from here, I just want to know what it's like to feel anything
Cause I'm a prisoner of my own mind again, and I'm stuck under that devil's fucking skin

That night you wore that dress made out of playing cards, the ace of spades mimicked the strap of your bra. That night you never looked more beautiful and true, in that streetlight, moonlight, all I wanted was you
Track Name: Human Nature
There comes a time in life when those words of wisdom, they don't mean anything to us
He just came by the other day to see how she was doing, she was with another man up the stairs in the loft

Packs of wolves kill their prey with one bite to the neck. and no one says a god damn thing
They're just wild animals, but what do you call us humans when we shoot people just for fun

That's the thing about Donny he didn't give a shit about himself, he cared for another like a brother
And then one of those so called brothers took him out the other night, it was him, cheating with his wife

Lights out everybody gets so sadistic, when you turn it around it'll make it sound like she was overgrown, but you don't have anything left to do
Track Name: Dead End
The words he's voicing walk straight through her ears and out of her gills, lately she's only been gasping for air, drowning in severed smoke along the deep end

When the bomb starts to fire you better close your eyes and run, the concrete tied to your hands weighs you down and I don't know if we'll make it out of here alive

Fault lines will shift from town to town, gathering up debris from your old house, burying all of your secrets that you couldn't fold up
Track Name: You Could Be All Mine
The pen ink dries in the night, and the white parchment is turning yellow from the sunlight, that fades away the print from everything you write, and it's a codex to the bindings that make up your mind

If I take you back a thousand times before I die, we could grow old, you could be all mine tonight

I don't know why I feel the way that I do now, no one wants to die alone, and when the hull cracks and your feet are made of stone, you can't break free from the waters hold

And when the weather grows warmer, and the leaves start to gain their colors turning into monochromatic patterns, you'll put your shield up and I'll already know what you will say
Track Name: Find Your Way Home
It's the acrophobia that's in your veins, although you don't mind the breeze beneath your feet, wasn't it you who stole the hearts of all those men, their headlines read "Dark Times Reach A Hundred Lonely Souls"

Stick to the trees to find your way home, you say it's what you need, but you just knew how to lie

There was a time when you were sweet, those demons hadn't plagued your mind just yet, it wasn't till you got that first blood on your hands when you started gathering trophies from all your experiments
Track Name: It Might Be
Look out Miss, (and) all you've known, there's a cold wind coming from the north, no one can stop it this time, (even) if you'd like, just sit back, relax, I won't bite

I've lived a lot, I've seen too many things that I just never wanted to see, once you live inside those feelings that you'll never find, it might be easier to please me

You're exchanging battles with yourself and your head, between fears and your career, just down that bottle of wine and you'll be fine, but sometimes love is all you need
Track Name: Fleeing The Scene Of The Crime
You see those tigers on the lawn, I hope they tear you apart limb from limb, then start by eating out your heart, and you feel the burning rage, it's how you left me

Thanks for leaving me high and dry, I never wanted you to be my ball and chain anyway

If they can't find your scent along the trail, you probably ran too far and too fast like you always did, fleeing the scene of the crime, and waging war on innocent lives
Track Name: A Little Bit Of Orange
Three shots deep, she had my tongue tied in a knot, leaving the bar last night I think I met up with a whore, no vivid imageries or recollections from the car, and in the morning when I woke my wallet was gone

Ten shots deep, sipped everyone with a straw, between a liar and a fake the bartender cut them off, I should have been next but I raised another drink to them, and I stood up to fall right off the bar

Let me take over the wheel, let me show you how to love, your hands and fingerprints they just don't match up, silver strands will fill my head before I open up

And I'm searching for something in these dreams, felt like I drank for days but nobody came, now I'm lying in the bathroom stall tonight, and I just vomited all my love to show you what I know

Let me take over the wheel let me show you how to love, your hands and fingerprints they just don't match up to anything that'll conjure up
Track Name: Assassin
I'll leave my phrases by the door, I turned the light off, I'm not staying long, and I'm running out on you this time, failed to mention it to you, I wanted to go, the townsfolk all talked, the lies tend to unfold

The way you tore apart your life thinking every second chance wasn't broken till you found out everybody's gone and I just lied to you again

Call me the assassin, call me what you will, you've brought this all upon yourself

You told me that these records wouldn't sell, so tango with me and we'll see who goes to hell, and so now it's the last time I'll mention you anymore and I just lied to you again